Maggie’s Be Café BErista


This employee would report to the manager on duty, and  would be someone who is willing to help provide our guests with the best possible service and experience from the time they walk through our doors, until they leave.  

Some of the key responsibilities of a BErista include: 

  • Greeting customers upon arrival 
  • Taking orders from customers at counter 
  • Bringing out orders to customers  
  • Wiping down and cleaning tables 
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors 
  • Filling condiment stations 
  • Washing dishes 
  • Stocking supplies 
  • Cleaning Bathroom 
  • Help with brewing coffee for coffee stations

Expectations For Employees: 

  • A BErista has the same expectations as any other job. It is important that all family members and applicants realize the full obligation of the position.  
  • Arrive to work on time. As a coffee shop, we will have early morning hours, some evenings, weekends, and holiday shifts which you must be willing to work. 
  • BEristas could lose the opportunity to continue working at Maggie’s Be Café for unexcused absences, excessive  tardiness, or unhealthy attitudes. We will make every effort to work with each employee! 
  • You must have reliable transportation to and from Maggie’s Be Café.  
  • Most importantly, you must believe in yourself as much as we believe in you! 

This is a paid job, for no more than 40 hours per week. These  hours are to be determined by the executive manager.

Apply here:

Maggie’s Be Cafe Application

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