Our Crew


Maggie is turning 25 years old in May, and has a bright spirit and energy that makes everyone smile. She also likes to be called Margaret, Maggie May, and Mags. She goes to CBI in Hudsonville and loves the staff and her friends! Maggie has two sisters, a Golden Retriever named Scout, and loves coloring, gymnastics, and going to Young Life. She cannot wait for Maggie’s Be Cafe to open, and in her words, be a “boss girl for my cafe”.


Annah loves to take walks with her family in the warm weather, and is a big fan of High School Musical and Disney Channel shows! She was a member of the track team during her years at Unity Christian High School, and participates in gymnastics as well. She and Maggie have been best friends since childhood, so they are both very excited to work beside one another. Annah is also looking forward to wearing an apron and meeting all of the customers of Maggie’s Be Cafe!


Robert enjoys going on vacations with his family, doing latch hook rugs, following sports, and going for walks and bike rides in his neighborhood. When he is on vacation, he loves to buy puzzles to put together when he gets home. He also enjoys volunteering on Fridays at the Revive Store in Hudsonville! Robert is proud to work for Maggie’s Be Cafe, and looks forward to serving you soon.


Grant loves hanging out with his dog, Libby, as well as playing basketball and riding his scooter bike. He also really enjoys all things music: listening to music, making music, singing, and playing drums. He is most excited to work at Maggie’s Be Cafe to serve people coffee and be social with the customers, and as he says, “have a REAL job!” That is what it is all about, Grant!


Natalie likes to make art of all kinds and is on the advisory council for Artists Creating Together. She likes to hike with her family, attend her God's Girls dance class, and go to Young Life Capernaum meetings. Natalie also loves all things Disney! She is super excited to work at Maggie's Be Cafe because she likes to make people happy, and coffee usually makes people happy!


Luke loves listening to music, dancing, singing, bowling, and baseball. He likes to watch football with his family as well. His favorite movie is Lion King and he loves all things Disney! Luke is most excited to work at Maggie’s Be Cafe to make coffee, work with his friends, and help people.


Jonathan loves to be active all the time. Basketball is his favorite and he shoots hoops in the driveway most days. He has done Special Olympics basketball, swimming, and biking, and also bowls with other special needs adults at Hudsonville Lanes. Jonathan loves to listen to and sing contemporary Christian music, and loves playing with his nieces and nephews as well. Oh...and he LOVES to eat! (Us too, Jonathan. We can’t wait for all of our fun treats at the cafe!) He is most excited to work at Maggie’s Be Cafe because he and Maggie have been friends and in school together since they were infants.


Travis is so excited to be starting his first job and working with his friends. He is in his second year at Hudsonville CBI, and loves to watch and play sports of every kind. His favorite activities are basketball, bowling, baseball and golf. He enjoys going to Capernaum Young Life Bible study, hanging out at Compassionate Heart Ministries, and visiting his high school friends. Travis is looking forward to seeing his friends and family while he works at Maggie’s Be Cafe; he loves to clean and organize, but he is most excited to have a smoothie after work!


Evan loves to attend school at Hudsonville CBI, and also enjoys his other job at Wing Doozy and hanging out with his friends after school and work. Evan is very excited to have another job and is most looking forward to working with his friends from school, and making new friends with all of his coworkers.


Kim enjoys making dog biscuits at Beer City Dog Biscuits and attending craft and dance classes at Arts in Motion. She loves being an aunt to her two nieces and three nephews. She is SO excited to be starting her new job at Maggie’s BE Cafe. She wants to serve the customers with a smile and make them happy!


Kirk is very active in Special Olympics, participating in Spring games, basketball and cycling. He also plays softball in Grandville’s Challenger League. Kirk loves music and can dance…he loves parties!!  He also loves shopping and has great taste in clothing. His favorite season is Christmas, he still believes in Santa. His favorite color is purple. He is fascinated with Jeep trucks and loves to look at pictures of them. He loves to play the guitar, violin, and accordion. On his down time he loves to watch movies & chill with his family. He is so full of life & is very social.


Ross also works at Arbys and Family Fare.  He enjoys camping in the summer  and hanging out with his nieces and nephews. He loves to watch Full House and can beat anyone at Full House trivia!  It is fun to see some of his old friends at the cafe and also to meet new friends- especially the girls. His favorite drink at Maggie’s is the the cotton candy smoothie!

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