Our Story

Chuck and Virginia Fischer had an idea placed on their hearts for years, knowing that they wanted to create a place of employment within their community where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities could find a meaningful and steady job. They wanted to do this in honor of their 25-year-old daughter Maggie, who has Down Syndrome, as they know firsthand how difficult it can be for men and women with disabilities to obtain meaningful employment. Overall, they wanted to curate a work place of acceptance, understanding, inclusion, empowerment, and love. After a long period of thinking and hoping to create the coffee shop to serve this mission, the Fischer Family introduced the idea to Dave and Tracey Beemer, who immediately fell in love with the mission and offered to take ownership of the operation and make the Fischer’s dream come to fruition.

After beginning the process of creating the café, the Beemer family heard about Brody’s Be Café, a coffee shop in Ada , MI with a similar purpose to theirs. Although both are independently owned and operated, through meeting with the owner and learning more, Dave and Tracey decided to partner with Brody’s Be Café to continue to spread their mission. At both Maggie’s Be Café and Brody’s Be Café, we (be)lieve that everyone (be)longs, and we can work (be)side one another. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, every single purchase at the café goes to support this incredible mission. Who knew that you could BE a hero, just by buying a cup of coffee?

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